Saturday, November 25, 2006


Red-Breasted right looking to see what the Pileated had been interested in on the pole.

At left and below, the Pileated Woodpecker, known for his/her appearance in Disney Productions.
The first photo at left, taken from a good 100 feet away, was early in our relationship where any noise might cause this noisy fellow to disappear, but among the shots taken below was one of our local fellow eyeing me from about ten feet away, concerned that I might still be a threat. He knows me well as he often uses the suet feeders attached to the windows in winter months. This can be annoying as he is heavy and strong and the suction cups sometimes can't stand up to the abuse. I hate retrieving the feeders in cold wet weather!

The Northern Flicker. As you can see, we have the red shafted version in our area.


Today DH saw the Northern Flickers doing their courting dance for the first time. There is quite a long description of their mating and nesting rituals at a site quoting from a Smithsonian Bulletin 174: 264-287

Three photos of Northern Flickers being harassed by bored squirrels with full tummies:

And then there are the little Downy Woodpeckers who like to inspect the nooks and crannies on house walls and window frames to prevent insect infestations.

We have also had the odd Hairy Woodpecker, which looks like a Downy, but is at least as large as the Flickers, or larger. I have seen them on this feeder a couple of times, where they reach the full height of the feeder, but by the time camera is in tow they have gone. Another project when they are in the area.....